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Follow the exact trail through the adventure, and leave no stone unturned.  Mainly I will only guide you through the the bare minimum, not really showing you ALL items and where to find them, maybe though I will....   For your reference, each area of the walkthrough is preceded by the following:

Level Stats

Suggested Level: Recommended character level necessary for survival in the area.

Goal: Basic objective to be achieved.




Likely victims on the road to victory.


Items found lying around or hidden.          

Services: Detailed display of any/all shops, or other services available, including rest stops.


    Welcome to my Xenogears walkthrough.  This isn't any ordinary walkthrough, either- this is the web's first HTML-based Xenogears walkthrough.   Of course, the advantage of that is that you can quickly hyperlink to certain points in the walkthrough, without scrolling down for what seems forever.  The down side is that it isn't quite as printer-friendly, but I will provide a link to such a walkthrough, or you can always cut & paste the text out, or view the source code.  I decided, while browsing other Xenogears sites (they weren't even finished BTW), that they were too bland.   Actually, on most of the other sites I saw, the webmaster didn't even spend the time writing his own walkthrough.  That's fine, but I decided to add a little personality to mine, and as a result it will look better, hopefully.   Note that this is my creation, and should only be put on other sites with credit given to me.  That said and done, enjoy the walkthrough!


Lahan Village

Level Stats

Suggested Level: 1

Goal: Explore town; head for Citan Uzuki's mountaintop home.

(Outside Lahan):

Lil' Kobold


Fei's bed

Aquasol (x2)
Barrels in Fei's house (downstairs)

Spider Web
Fei's house (downstairs corner)
Woman in center of town
Aquasol (x2)
Old man behind Fei's house (talk twice)
Jump into well
Aquasol S
Jump into well
Power Ring
Jump into well
RPS Badge
Win Rock, Paper, Scissors game 5 times in a row
Old woman downstairs in RPS house
Bald man in Village Consultant's house
Mermaid's Tear
Speak to drunk in tavern and choose third option
Fei's bed (free)

General Store

Aquasol                                       20G
Rosesol                                      100G
Omegasol                                    50G
SurvivalTent                              50G


    Once you control Fei, search the other rooms downstairs. &bsp; Make sure to speak with the Maid and pick up the two Aquasols in the barrels.   You will learn that a mysterious character brought Fei into Lahan a dark and stormy night just three years ago.

    Fei's Artwork
Note that you can check out Fei's stylish brushstrokes up close and personal.  Press X button in front of each painting.  

    When Fei emerges in conversation, the dialogue plays out.  To speed things up, Fei can, in some instances, plan and fulfill his next goal by leaving the talker's side.  All the while, the dialogue continues undisturbed until its natural end.  If you walk too far away the conversation will come to an abrupt end.

    Head upstairs where Chief Lee, Fei's adoptive grandfather discusses the impending nuptials of Timothy and Alice, both good friends of Fei.  Talk to everyone.  Fei's history, before his arrival in Lahan, is a complete blank.  Timothy then asks Fei to check on Alice.  When you attempt to leave, Dan (Alice's brother) stops Fei.  Now leave the house and speak with him again.  Whether you have Fei agree with his plan or not, the story progeresses.

    Now, you can head to the Village Consultant's house to pick up a bit of money, learn some of the ropes, or save.   You can go talk to an old man farmer and pick up a couple homemeade Aquasols.   Or get in some jumping practice behind Fei's house onto the roof. 

    When through, head to the house with the windmill.  Speak with the woman outside and enter Alice's house after she moves.

    Go upstairs an speak with Alice.   She asks Fei to journey to the home of Citan Uzuki (the village doctor).   Leave the safe haven of Lahan out of the town to the north. 

If you go through the south exit, you enter the World Map and you can get involved in some battles.   You can begin practicing DeathBlow Skills.   The Lil' Kobolds and Hoppers carry some armor upgrades.   If you want, fight for while till you are level 5 or so, doesn't really matter.

    Anyway, go to the north mountains.