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Newz/Update History


Monday, June 14, 1999 : 4:43 PM, PST
  • Finished Materia List.
  • Thinking about now adding weapons for each character in FFVII.
Thursday, June 10, 1999 : 3:59 PM, PST
Saturday, June 5, 1999 : 6:15 PM, PST
  • Guess who got FrontPage 98 back recently?  That's right, my friend!  No, actually it was me.  Now, updates are flying!
  • Just now, I added FFT MIDIs to the music page.
  • Get ready for this:  all you guys that have been here for the whole ride (Hypher), I am looking at another page layout change! 
  • PSX2 rumors have been flying, but amidst it all PlayStation Magaizine had been faithfully on it, go check them out at
Sunday, April 11, 1999 : 9:40 AM, PST
  • Haven't updated this section lately, as you can see...the reason for that is because my computer crashed and i lost FrontPage 98, so now i am using the slow-as-molassas FrontPage Express.
  • Well about the updates now: i have done extensive work on the Music section, and had a short-lived Nesletter, PlayStation Pulse.
  • Also, the PS2 was officially unveiled by Sony. Sporting many improvements, it looks to be awesome!!
Wednesday, Feb 24, 1999 : 9:08 PM, PST
  • Changed the left bar, so that when you hover over the links, the background is green.  Whaddya think?
  • On the B's for the enemy list.
  • Please send any cool .GME files of Gran Turismo replays.  NOTE: they havta to be awesome, then i will post them on the page.
Friday, Feb 19, 1999 : 5:12 PM, PST
  • Updates slowing a bit, mostly because I have pretty much covered EVERY SINGLE thing in Xenogears!  Still the bosstips, but after that, a FAQ/Walkthru I guess....
  • Started my hardest task yet, the hopefully complete Xenogears Enemy List!!!  This may take awhile....expect almost a month...or maybe more!  But, oh well ^_^
Sunday-Wednesday, Feb 17, 1999 : 3:34 PM, PST
  • Got my DexDrive Monday, added those Xenogears saves. Check 'em out!
  • Added a counter to that's currently at 1!!!!!!
  • Cause I need more hits!
Saturday, Feb 13 : 11:24 AM, PST
  • Hey, a morning update!
  • I did this: Made the "weapons" page -- the weapons for all the characters, which are only Citan, Bart, Elly, and Billy.
  • Countdown 'til my B-day: 1 day, 12 hours and 36 minutes!
Friday, Feb 12 : 7:03 PM, PST
  • Added more to the Prologue section.
  • Guess what?  When I get my DexDrive, I have a cool save that I will upload.  I won't say anything yet, but it is saved verrry early in the game, but with a hard part already passed, and with flying colors!
Friday, Feb 12 : 5:09 PM, PST
  • Did Maria's Abilities page.
  • Ummm...I gotta take up some room, so....
  • There, now it looks better for this update!
Thursday, Feb 11 : 7:41 PM, PST
  • Wrote the prologue section, just taking the prologue from the beginning of the game.
Thursday, Feb 11 : 6:16 PM, PST
  • You will notice that I am reaching two updates a day, on a normal basis, which should please you Xenogears-craving maniacs out there!
  • Oh yeah, what did I update?  Good ol' Bosstips!!!  (Been a while....)   But hey!  I did it finally!
Thursday, Feb 11 : 4:59 PM, PST
  • Did Maria's Info page.
Wednesday, Feb 10 : 6:33 PM, PST
  • Added 2 more MIDIs to the XenoMid page.
  • Beginning Emeralda Skills/ Abilities page.
  • 6:41 PM, PST: finished Emeralda's Skills/ Abilities page.
Tuesday, Feb 9 : 7:21 PM, PST
  • Finished Accessories section, as it turns out, it only has accessories, and not character weapons, which will be added on as a totally different section.  Wow, my site seems HUGE!
  • Soon, it will be totally done, and that means no more updates....*sniff*....oh well!  I get a break then, and my P.U.s won't be so mad at me all the time!! ^_^
  • Actually, don't fret, as there still is much to put onto my ever-growing site....
Tuesday, Feb 9 : 6:12:17 PM, PST
  • Woo-hoo!!  Finished Gear Essentials...only took 6 days!!
  • Thinking....should I add some pages that I promised in the past...OR create a new one and annoy you all?
  • <After 15.2 seconds>Aha!  I will now begin creation of an Accessories section.   It will include equippable items for characters, and char weapons.
Tuesday, Feb 9 : 4:43 PM, PST
  • Completed Emeralda's Charform (not abilities yet)
  • Helped my friend with my superior HTML knowledge with his new site, the ClanFat homepage- a clan for Q2.  Check it out here!
Monday, Feb 8 : 8:05 PM, PST
  • Added 2 more MIDIs; Shattered Eggs of Dreams, and One Who Bares Fangs at God.
Monday, Feb 8 : 2:45 PM, PST
  • Gear Essentials undergoing finishing stages.  Check it out!
  • My B-day is in a week, and I am expecting a DexDrive, which means some Xenogears saves for you guys!
  • Probably Xenogears AND other PSX game saves will be available...
Sunday, Feb 7 : 3:18 PM, PST
  • You will notice that I did not update on 2/6; well that's 'cause I was playing golf.
  • Added the applet required to track the time you visitors spend and stuff like that: from WebSideStory.
  • Still working on Gear Essentials, that will take a while...
Friday, Feb 5 : 7:33 PM, PST
  • Worked a little more on the Gear Essentials...
  • Added a Guestbook.
Thursday, Feb 4 : 3:36 PM, PST
  • I hope that someday I will get some link requests, so that people will spread the word around 'bout my site, and add a link to their site.
  • Beginning work on Emeralda for the chars section, will be up by Sat. if I don't die.   Y'know its hard to get stuff up cause, uh, um, the sun keeps getting in my know what I mean?? :-)
  • It's raining outside it Sunny Southern California ^_^
  • That link page is, uh, under, uh, extensive, uh, ...creating...<clears throat>  It is right on schedule, even though, uh, it was supposed to be out by ...Sunday Jan. 31...
  • And that's it!  (Besides who needs a links section anywayz?)  oh wait, I do, if I want people to add a link to my site...
Wednesday, Feb 3 : 7:41 PM
  • Added a link to a Small Two of Pieces Mp3.
  • Worked s'more on Gear Essentials; all the way to Bart for the FRAMES part....
  • Diablo page: 1,001 hits at 7:04 PM, PST!!!!  Everyone throw your hands up in the air...!  etc....
Wednesday, Feb 3 : 4:54 PM
  • Well, here I am proposing a few more sections, up who-knows-when, but they are in the making: Character weapons, Items, Gears Essentials, Battle Arena stuff, even more!
  • BTW, my Diablo site will reach 1000 hits earlier, by late today or for sure tomorrow.
  • I bet you are wondering "what is up with that guy and not ever finishing the chars page?"  Well, I wonder that too, and will try to make a big push towards finishing that by Monday of next week or so....
  • Updated some names of the MIDIs...thanx to Xenogears 101 for that info!
  • Added time of updates, a little extra spice!
Tuesday, Feb 2
  • Putting up Rico on the XenoChars page.
  • My Diablo site is at 978 hits since November, and should reach 1000 by this weekend.
  • Still working on Links page....
Monday, Feb 1
  • Completed Rico's DeathBlows/ Abilities page.
  • Said to myself, "Screw the new left frame idea; didn't work to well, and plus I didn't like the way it looked, and hardly anybody looks at this, so why am I writing....?" :)
  • Oops, I noticed I said I was planning on getting the Rico stuff up on Saturday, but, oh well....
  • Hmmm...I better get going on the links section, if you have a Xenogears site, send me e-mail (use link below) with subject "I have a link."  The only requirement I have is that you go to my Link To Me page and grab the HTML to put a link AND button to my site.  For any sites that don't meet that requirement, I will delete them, no questions asked.
Sunday, Jan 31
  • Added Billy's DeathBlows/ Abilities page.
  • Beginning re-construction on the left frame; adding a pull-down menu for better, easier navigation of Mike's Xenogears Realm.  Could use some feedback on any suggestions for the left frame, send e-mail with subject "Left Frame."
Saturday, Jan 30
  • I fixed the left side frame, adding random MIDI play.
  • Beginning construction on Links section.
  • Added Bart's info, after I accidentally deleted it.
Friday, Jan 29
  • I totally scrapped my MIDI section in favor of a new format.  While scouring the web, I came across many more MIDI files, and by my observations, I now contain one of the best sources for Xenogears MIDI files on the whole internet!  Please report bugs and broken links on the new MIDI page.
  • I am beginning to re-do my left frame (or the main one) to better arrange it.   Expect the renovations to be finished by tomorrow.
  • I will begin construction of my links page shortly.  You must recognize the fact that I am working hard on the character section, as I only have Fei, Elly, Citan, Bart, and Billy going so far.  Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have Billy and Rico both completely finished, including abilities and DeathBlows.