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[ Final Fantasy VII | Final Fantasy VIII ]






Final Boss Music (Dues)

57.9K/ |MIDI|

Aveh, the Ancient Dance Bledavik, Aveh Theme 30.9K/ |MIDI|

Blue Traveler, The

Maison saves the day

53.3K/ |MIDI|

Bonds of Sea and Fire

Bart's Theme

24.0K/ |MIDI|

Dazil: City of Burning Sands Desert City of Dazil BGM 63.1K/ |MIDI|


Overworld Theme

19.3K/ |MIDI|

Faraway Promise

First Heard From Music Box

4.4K/ |MIDI|

Fuse Urgent Theme 52.7K/ |MIDI|
Gathering Stars in the Night Sky Maria's Sad Theme 14.1K/ |MIDI|


Another Battle Theme 76.0K/  |MIDI|
Grahf, Emperor of Darkness Grahf Mmusic 334K/ |RealAudio|
Into the Sky Chu-Chu and Maria Heroic Theme 60.2K/ |MIDI|
Intro BGM in the Preface 18.7K/ |MIDI|
June Mermaid Emeralda's Theme 29.4K/ |MIDI|

Knight of Fire or (Red Knight)

Boss Battle Theme

34.8K/ |MIDI|

Leftovers of the Dreams of the Strong Yggdrasil Heroic Theme 51.0K/ |MIDI|
Long Rest Game Over 1.1K/ |MIDI|
Lost...Broken Shards One of Fei/ Elly's Theme 11.0K/ |MIDI|


Babel Tower Theme

27.9K/ |MIDI|

One Who Bares Fangs at God Urobolus Fight (FINAL boss) 130.1K/ |MIDI|
One Who Is Torn Apart, The Id's Theme 72.5K/ |MIDI|
Our Village is Number One Lahan Theme 51.6K/ |MIDI|
Pray For the People's Joy Nisan Church Theme 5.0K/ |MIDI|
Back to Sleep Sleep/rest 2.3K/ |MIDI|
Shattered Eggs of Dreams Sad Elly Theme 24.0K/ |MIDI|
Shevat: The Wind is Calling Floating City of Shevat's Theme 48.4K/ |MIDI|
Ship of Regret and Sleep or (Inside Grief and Calmness) Billy's Theme 9.0K/ |MIDI|

Singing of the Gentle Wind

One of Fei/ Elly's Themes

10.4K/ |MIDI|

Solaris: Eden of Heaven Solaris Square Theme 44.4K/ |MIDI|

Stage of Death or (Death Dance)

Battle Theme

47.0K/ |MIDI|

Sky, the Clouds, and You, The Chu-Chu's Theme 9.0K/ |MIDI|
Small Two of Pieces Ending Song 52.9K/5.9M/934K/ |MIDI|mp3|RealMedia|
Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen, The One of Fei/ Elly's Themes 9.7K/ |MIDI|
Valley Where the Wind is Born, The Valley Theme (Heard at Taura's house) 34.0K/ |MIDI|
Wings Overworld Theme While Piloting Yggdrasil III 25.4K/ |MIDI|


Final Fantasy 7

Aeris Theme Aeris' Music 8.5K/ |MIDI|

Bombing Mission

BGM at Beginning of Game

23.1K/ |MIDI|


What do you Think??

17.9K/ |MIDI|

Cargo Ship

BGM on Ship to Costa del Sol

9.6K/ |MIDI|

Chasing The Caped Man

Cave Music

39.2K/ |MIDI|

Cid's Theme Cid Music 8.0K/ |MIDI|
Costa del Sol BGM at the Beach Community 11.4K/ |MIDI|
Crazy Motorcycle BGM While escaping Midgar on Bike 19.6K/ |MIDI|
Don of the Slums Slum Music 5.1K/ |MIDI|
Fanfare Fanfare For Rufus at Junon 9.9K/ |MIDI|
Highwind Takes to the Skies Hmm...I wonder What This is? 42.6K/ |MIDI|
Hurry QUICK! 33.8K/ |MIDI|
Infiltrating Shinra BGM While in Shinra Building 20.8K/ |MIDI|
J-E-N-O-V-A While Fighting Jenova For Last Time 22.6K/ |MIDI|
Jenova Absolute Another Jenova Battle 28.2K/ |MIDI|
One Winged Angel "Final" Sephiroth Battle Music 52.2K/ |MIDI|
Staff Roll BGM Ending Credits 50.9K/ |MIDI|
Those Chosen by the Planet Sephiroth Theme 11.8K/ |MIDI|
Trace of Blood The Ominous Theme 1.6K/ |MIDI|
Turk Theme Music for the Turks 10.2K/ |MIDI|
Yuffie's Theme Music for Yuffie 8.1K/ |MIDI|


Final Fantasy 8


Battle Theme 49.6K/ |MIDI|

Battle 2

Battle Theme 42.2K/ |MIDI|

Battle 3

Battle Theme 33.4K/ |MIDI|
Battle Win Win 13.3K/ |MIDI|
Game Over Lose 7.9K/ |MIDI|
Cactus Jack The Galbadian Anthem 9.2K/ |MIDI|
Fragments of Memories ? 7.1K/ |MIDI|
Waltz for the Moon ? 14.4K/ |MIDI|


*BGM stands for "background music"

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