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Mike'sMike's Diablo FilesFiles

(Any files linked to Diabloworld are unavailable...sorry for the inconvience!)

[Trainers] [ extras] [Items] [ICQ Stuff] [.DATS] [The .DLL]

This is my filez page. Anything on this page you can distribute...BUT I would prefer if you pointed your friends back to this site rather than giving it to them.

NOTE: all these files are in the .ZIP format and you need some type of compreesion utility-such as my personal favorite, WinZipWinZip.

Another great utility is getright. Tired of lost downloads because you got disconnected? Then getright is for you!

get Getrightgetright!

The first file you absolutely MUST have is the font Exocet. It is the font I used on this page and without having it in your windows/fonts directory, this font won't look like the one in diablo.


Another cool font is Morpheus. You should also download it so if I use it on my page, you will see it.



Next you will need a trainer of some sort to upload all these files I have for you. Here is a good one:

BoBaFeTT'sbobafett's trainer-works on diablo v1.07

Here's stu's diablo trainer. not quite as good as bobafett's, but okay nonetheless.

Stu'sstu's diablo trainer-works on diablo v1.07

Enigma's Diablo trainer is pretty similar to the other two, except you can't upload files into your game. :(

Enigma'sEnigma's diablo trainer-works on diablo v1.07

Extras for

Now here are some extra things to use on

Don't like cheaters? Well then go to another site! Just kidding, I think cheating is fine, but it has to be used right. And if you want to know when you are playing with a cheater, who could be a pker, you need this utility!

Dr. DiabloDr. Diablo-works on diablo v1.07

Another cheater utility, use "DiabloSight" to see if a given character is cheating.

DiabloSightDiabloSight-works on v1.07?

A great add-on for Battle.Net is TopazChat. Use it to have many added features of normal chat at You don't even have to open up Diablo to use it!!

TopazChatTopaz Chat-works on v1.07

A great tool, the Diablo Hackng Utility. Use it to make your own custom hacks such as unlimited belt items, or use some of the hacks I have included in the ZIP file. Comes with Hacking prog and two collections of hacks

DiabHackDiablo Hack-works on v1.07

This file is called "Earmaker." And that is what it is- plain and simple. Use it to create ears in .ITM format and then use a trainer to upload them to your character. Impress you friends!


Here is a utility that you can use in to see people's IPs.

IP FinderIP_Finder


These are some of the files I have compiled. If there are some I don't have that you do, please send them to mike. If there is a file you need that I don't have and either do you, I will try to get it for you as long as you e-mail me. If you don't want to download a whole pack, e-mail me and request the single item you want.  Some other Files are from Diabloworld.  Cehck them out!

The first collection I have for you is some Amulets

AmuletsAmulet Pack

Next, a Rogue's dream, a collection of bows.

BowsBow Pack

Now, something a sorcerer would enjoy, a pack of staves with prefix "arch-angel."

A-AArch-Angel staves

Here are some things with the prefix "godly"

GodlyGodly Items

A must have for any Diablo fan, a pack of 1000 Items!!!! Everything your heart desires, probably.


Here's a very simple item creator / editor for all versions of Diablo and HellFire. Read the included 'ReadMe.txt' or 'Readme.doc' for more details.

1000Advanced Item Editor 1.027

This program has the ability to morph items from one form to another, generate random items ( including missing ones ), make some special items, create legit looking ears, edit your character's name in *.CHA files, identify items, remove identification from identified items, make crash items, edit item durability, edit amount of staff charges, change item type ( unique, magic, standard ), make combo items, and create two new permanent items for Diablo: "Non Item" scroll & "Scroll of None".

1000Cyber Smoke's Morpher 1.05

Includes the best armor & weapons ever seen in the world of Diablo. Every item is organized alphabetically in separate directories making it easier for you to find what you really want! Inside you will see 219 Amulets, 270 Axes, 593 Body Armor, 367 Bows, 264 Headgear, 70 Miscellaneous items, 188 other weapons, 271 rings, 147 shields, 349 staves, and 508 swords which adds up to a total of 3,246 items all in *.ITM format!   a favorite of mine!

1000ts' great item packs

Contains 69 ears in *.ITM format.

1000shaggy clown's ear collection



Anti god, god to monsters, no drops at death, pick up ears, fast spells, magic missile, level 140 spells, complete map, level teller, see ghosts, unlimited belt, auto dupe, equip anywhere, player attack on, gain experience from PKing, auto heal, resurrect crash, super anti item crash, and super anti crash.

1000omnipotent1's 2nd .dat file

Complete god mode, skills have names, cast spells faster, max all stats, ghost mode, screw up screen ( not tested, may be dangerous ), get all spells, cast 20 spells at once, town kill, walk through walls, godly mana, spell level 23, complete map, BoBaFeTT's end the game, and anti god mode.

1000Warcrock's .dat file

God mode from auto kill, prevent an item crash from another player, prevent an item crash from yourself, prevent right click of an item that crashes, prevent 2nd type of item crash, prevent 3rd type of item crash, prevent crash code attacks, drop nothing when you die, set hot keys to spells, and have the ability to pick up extended ASCII ears.

1000sl~blackblade's .dat of protection

Get all spells, and cast spells in town.

1000santa's .dat

Auto heal, mana lock for spells, auto kill, leech, can't damage other players, be a BoBaFeTT in chat, god mode from auto kill, heal other, blood star, Pepin auto kills people, get more experience, drop ears of other players, turn into Wraith, show real identity of Diablo, and the truth about Gillian.

1000insanejester's .dat file


I have for you ICQ99, the not yet full released version of ICQ: (the alpha version in other words) the prgram that lets you see when friends are online. Then you can send them files, URLs, etc.

An ICQ contact list backup prog. Of course, the alternate way to back it up is go into your ICQ directory and locate the db folder. Copy that and when you re-download it or upgrade, just replace the new db folder with your saved one.

backupICQ rescue


Click above for the .dll you may need to run some of these progs.



Nedstat Counter

note:I did not make the trainers and utils. So don't ask me about them. I did, however, compile the item packs...