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These are ALL accessories that can be equipped in characters inventory.



Name Effect
Battle Apron Atk/Def +5
Fuzzy Frock Def +50
Leather Vest Def +10
Muscle Belt Increases Def
Gallant Belt Max HP 10% UP/restore
Yamato Belt Max HP 25% UP/restore
PilotUniform Def +6
Martial Wear Def +2
Fencing Wear Def +4
Metal Vest Def +18
Crimson Vest Def +64
Golden Vest Def +90
Black Leather Def +76
DervishDress Def +44
Golden Hood Def +45
Devil Dress Def +62
Battle Dress Def +56
Holy Habit Def +42
Rose Tabard Def +85
Dark Armor Def +60, EthDef +10
Mermaid Ring Atk +10/EthDef +10
Power Ring Atk +2
Power Ring S Atk +5
Sleep Ring QUI +1
Stamina Ring Def +2
Stamina Ring S Def +5
Evasion Ring Increses EV
Wind Ring Def vs Wnd elem
Earth Wing Def vs Ert elem
Fire Ring Def vs Fir elem
Water Ring Def vs Wtr elem
Speed Ring QUI +1
Speed Ring S QUI +2
Guardian Ring Increases Def
Ether Guard Blocks EP-absorb Atks
Sleep Guard Blocks "sleep"
Brain Guard Blocks "forget"
Poison Guard Blocks poison
Body Guard Blocks PHY effects
Mind Guard Blocks MNT effects
Step Shoes EV +2
Premier Shoes EV +5
Speed Shoes Speed UP next turn
War Mail Def +52
Red Mail Def +14
Knight Mail Def +34
Ether Stone Eth +2
Ether Doubler Use 2x EP to create 2x effect
AnitEthStone EthDef +2
AntiEthRockL EthDef +5
EtherStoneLg Eth +5
Life Stone 2x amount of HP restored
Holy Pendant 2x support effect
Metal Jacket Def +28
Glasses ACC +2
SuperGoggles ACC +5
Cool Shades Blocks conf
King's Helm Def +40
Metal Helmet Def +10
Martial Cap Def +1
FeatheredCap Def +28
Black Helmet Def +35
War Helm Def +20
Leather Hat Def +6
White Beret Def +8
Silver Beret Def +24
Power Crisis Three stones; Shevat
Economether Halves EP usage in battles
WizadryRing DeathBlow learning rate UP
PenguinCoat Def +40
LongDarkCoat Atk/EthDef +10
Angelic Robe Def +60/EV +10/EthDef +10
Ether Veiler Doubles elem Def
Memento Chain Eth +6/EthDef +6
Elly Jr. Doll Creator unknown
Bart Jr. Doll Hand-made by Chu-Chu
Emer Jr. Doll Creator unknown
Fei Jr. Doll Hand-made by Chu-Chu
Billy Jr. Doll Hand-made by Chu-Chu
Trader Card Increases chance of receiving rare items