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This is important information. There is an immediate threat to YOUR computer. It is not a joke.


There is a program on the net that ANYONE can download, and it is called BACK ORIFICE. It basically is pcAnywhere, but the person can access the remote computer without the user's consent or knowing.

Now, I speak from personal experience: it HAS happened to me, and I will explain, for all those people that don't know HOW it happens.

Basically, there is a file attached to a download, usually a ZIP or EXE file, and when you download the file, the Back Orifice component secretly installs itself on your computer. It will appear as if everything went well with download and unzipping, but in actaulity, you computer is now open to ANYONE'S access.

"Back Orifice is a virus-like "stealth" application developed by the Cult Of The Dead Cow ( which can enable even novice hackers to break into your computer. It can come into your computer without your knowledge, disguised within another file, like a virus. It can then install itself, and run in such a way that it is very difficult to detect. Once it is running, the remote Back Orifice controller can covertly take over your system, steal your passwords, upload or download files, spawn applications, etc, without your knowledge or consent. The remote Back Orifice controller does not need to know about you in advance, but can scan over a LAN or across the Internet, trolling for computers on which Back Orifice is running, to find vulnerable machines. The only real defense is to deactivate the Back Orifice component running "hidden" on your computer."

The above is true, and I had to find that out the hard way. The person using the file basically has MORE control over YOUR computer that YOU do! For instance, the "hacker" can hear what you are saying, if you have a microphone. That did happen to me. I have here, for your own safety, a program that finds AND eliminates the BO compnent in your hard drive, thus eliminating the threat of unwanted access to your computer.


For the good of all net users, a BO elminator was develeped to delete the Back Orifice from your hard drive.



What I have told you, it is just the shell of a larger problem; for more info go to:

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